Deals & Packages

All deals are pre-taxes and shipping

  1. All toys come with the offer of a Care Kit to keep your toy in the best condition possible. It includes a 4oz Mighty Tidy, a Pink Athena's Bag, a lube of your choice, and a drying cloth. This will take 10% off your order.

  2. Got a headache try Solace, a Cherry Stone Pillow, and a Superhero mask for just $100

  3. Buy a lube with a toy and get 5% off

  4. Book a party get 10% off your order at your party

  5. Get a 5% discount on all refills of

    • HG Shampoo

    • HG Conditioner

    • HG Leave-in treatment

    • Supreme

    • Happy Sak

    • Breast Friends

    • Mighty Tidy

    • Roar

    • Lavender Stick

    • Modern Adoni Beard Balm and Beard/Body Soap

    • Rosewater  Beauty Bar