Meet the Team

Goddess Danni- Sole Propieter

I'm a nerd. I enjoy reading, writing, video games, and photography. I love my job of helping people love themselves through education and self-exploration. I love helping couples become more intimate. I have three daughters who have very big personalities. They're my inspiration (oldest), joy(middle), and weakness(youngest). They know no matter how big they get they'll always be my babies.  I also have the guy below (Kegan) as an amazing partner in both love and business. He is my balance. I'd be pretty lost without him.

Picture of Kegan Goddess Support

Kegan- Goddess Support/ IT Solutions

Kegan, also a nerd, enjoys video games, watching TV, and spending time with yours truly.  He is my biggest support and plays a key role. He joins in all sex toy parties, making the level of fun that much higher. He also brings the perspective of a cisgender male to the duo.  He  is knowledgeable in a variety of sexual health topics and a great asset to the team.