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All parties include:

  • $10 Gift

  • $5.99 Host(ess) Special for qualifying parties over $500 pre-host(ess) order

  • 10-15% of pre-host(ess) order sales in the form of host(ess) credits starting when the party reaches $250 pre-host(ess) order

VIRTUAL PARTIES: Have your friends, family and co-workers join online or use our database of customers to help with low attendance. Either way you're getting the same rewards.

IN-PERSON SPA PARTIES: Enjoy seeing, smelling, tasting, and feeling a variety of luxurious spa products with friends, family, and co-workers. You could even do a parent and child party. For this you may request an all woman party.

ADULT TOY PARTY: These parties have both our luxurious spa products and our fun adult toys. They are18+ with absolutely no children allowed on location. We play games, look at and explore adult toys, as well as smell, taste, and feel spa products.These will always include both your Goddess and Adonis

TIME FOR CLASS PARTIES: Here at Athena's it's all about education. Do you have a topic that you want to learn more about?If so just ask. Depending on the topic one or both of us will take the time to guide you through the topics you want to know more about and connect you with valuable resources. Some of the currently offered topics are;

  • BDSM Basics: Learn about FRIES(Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, and Specific) staying safe sane, and consensual, contracts, beginner rope tying, BDSM toys, and more.

  • Are you Ready for Your Close-up? A Lesson on Skincare

  • Not Your High School Sex Ed: An Introduction to your anatomy, sexual response cycles, and sex toys.

  • Rekindle the Romance: Tips to Reignite Things in Your Relationship starting with communication.

  • Anal Adventures: Learn where to start, safety tips, why people enjoy anal, and about different ways to play.

  • Poly Play: Dive into the world of polyamory. Learn about the different types of relationships, how to dip your toys in, and where to go for more resources. 

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